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2018-08-13 Monday
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Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd
Address:No11 Hengda Road, Nanjing City, China

  Casdilly won the bidding in the production of Parade Suits

Casdilly, a private enterprise coming from Jiangsu, broke up the situation that ordnance factories always undertake the whole manufacturing of the Parade Suits. It signified that the Chinese clothing private enterprises had done a great break in the self-development history when Parade Suits of Casdilly were showed in the 60th anniversary of National Day in 2009.

To Initiate a New Era

In 2009, the Parade Suits for Armed Police were first to be manufactured through open tender. What we should be proud of is that Casdilly prove to be the only private enterprise who undertaken the task of manufacturing Parade Suits first in the history.

The tender process was a fierce competition. The winner should pass scores of tests with distinction competing with other excellent enterprises. In the test of the trial-produce of two sets of ceremonial dresses, the professional measuring masters and designers of Casdilly departure to relevant departments of Nanjing Armed Police, asked two megeoma officers to try on the sample suits, and repeatedly examined whether the design data was perfect. They didn't hand over the design proposal to Beijing till they satisfied after modifying three times.Finally, Casdilly successfully passed the authoritative appraisal and identification.

Casdiily found in 1994.Through 14-year development, we set up a high-efficiency operation model adapting with the government procurement.

As a well-known clothing enterprise, Casdilly supply productions for governments and military for many years.
In the match of built-to suit launched by the headquarters, the measured data from Casdilly was more accurate than that from other enterprises.

Casdilly won the bidding in the production of Parade Suits

Highlight Profession

Parade suits are different from common military uniforms.Especially, the National Flag Guard are stricter with the design and manufacturing of the suits, which means more hardship for Casdilly undoubtedly.

According to the standard and request, the top of the peak caps should keep on the horizontal plane.Casdilly adopted a new design idea, adjusted the structure of the caps not the shape, and made all of them by hand, which meet a criterion completely.

As prescribed, the waist doesn't allow to be crumpled with Sam Browne belt when the parade step. The designers change the suit's traditional plank frame, cut out the garments according to everyone figure, and work out everyone's waist size exactly. Through repeated tests, all the finished jackets achieve the desired results.Meanwhile, adopting the new process; the pants we produced are all smooth, natural, and artistic.

Casdilly even devote particular care to every button in the Parade Suits. The workers are asked to sew the buttons by hand with the tolerance no more than 5mm.

Our company has introduced advanced production lines from Germany and Italy etc, and Gerber CAD costume designing software system, CAM automatic cutting bed and MTM measurement and customerization system, developed a statistic system for the output data of the suits and uniforms, and overcome the technical difficulties on the base of ERP system and well-equipped facilities.

In the productive process, every Casdilly employee responds to the call positively. Its worth pointed out that the worker on the production line Zhang Shiyan standard fast and remained at her post even if she was pregnant."I will name my baby '阅兵'."She said proudly. The staff's passion contributes to the most difficult period.

A Fresh Progress

Now, there are more than 200 suppliers in the uniform clothing industry,80% of which have a annual turnover no more than 50million.However, the government has trillions of group purchasing plan every year including 50billion of equipment procurement and 10 billion of garment procurement, which means a broad market prospect to Casdilly.

Casdilly clear and define its core competence of technological innovation after engaged in the research and development of the Parade Suits. At the same time, we rise to fame in the uniform industry. Depending on the promising prospect, Casdilly strive to take over 10% share of the market, and work harder for the 1billion annual sales.

All in all, Casdilly targets at the number one brand in the group purchasing industry.


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